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Terry Romine
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About Me

I am always aware of my connection to Spirit. I have had and continue to have experiences that reinforce this connection. I first became interested in Spiritual Work while in California. There was a discussion show on TV that interviewed different psychics, delving into their background, abilities and ethics. I was enthralled about the possibility that I could become one. I researched into it by reading any books I could find on the subject. When I moved to Northern California, I was pleased to find a plethera of sources amid metaphysical bookstores, psychic expos and gallery events. I rubbed elbows with some of the top names in the field of both metaphysics and conspiracy theory.

During this time, I took many courses at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. There I learned such tools as protection, running energy, connecting to Spirit and becoming open to Messages from my Guides. Around the mid 90s, I joined an on-line Spiritual Chat Room where I quickly became one of the leaders; discussing Spiritual Realms, energy work and healing. From there, I received the calling to move to Fargo and bring Light to the area.

I am now available for readings, galley events, psychic parties and am often at the expos in the area. I can be reached by phone or email to schedule an appointment.