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Terry Romine
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I am offering an introduction to Sacred Geometry. If you feel guided to explore this higher level of energy work, please RSVP me for further details.

Sacred Geometry Workshop January 17th 2015
Pricing Options

Intuitive Readings

When I connect to a person's Spirit Guides or Angels, I receive messages that are appropriate to the life path of the client. These could be in the area of relationships, career path, or health.

Spirit Guides, Angels & Elementals

These are the helping guides that we all have with us. Connecting with them can improve communication, learn our life’s purpose and gain insight into daily situations.


There are times when doing an intuitive reading that the Spirit of loved ones comes through with messages for the client. This is usually in part with connection to Spirit Guides and Angels, but the message may be of a more personal nature.

Aura Cleansing

This is a simple, hands off method of clearing stuck energy from the various layers of the aura. Such energy can manifest into the physical body as dis-ease or chronic pain.

Phone Reading: $75/half hour reading

Gallery Event: $25